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    Hello Darling<br />
    User Image<br />
    My pen name's Lydie, you want to know my real name?<br />
    Too bad.<br />
    I'm bi-curious, in a realationship with an amazing girl,<br />
    And I'm a little insane : )<br />
    But I love my family and friends<br />
    Cept for my dad.<br />
    I'm pretty understanding and I try not to annoy people<br />
    Though people who say shit for attention?<br />
    Yeah....they can screw themselves<br />
    It's pretty pathetic.<br />
    I know some really awesome people who I already love to death<br />
    I'm also nervous around people though,<br />
    Too scared I'll screw up.<br />
    Though I don't lash out meaninglessly<br />
    And I can get along well with sensible people.<br />
    I'm also an artist,<br />
    I've posted some things on Gaia<br />
    But I have more on Deviantart.<br />
    My Avatar's based on one of my characters;<br />
    Addair Solidor.<br />
    He's an ice sorcerer<br />
    I adore him :3<br />
    Also, I'm willing to do Avatar art<br />
    Just name a price<br />
    I'll draw for just about anyone ^^
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