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  • Artist Info: Sup! I'm Alicia! I'm pretty much your average ordinary teenager ... well, except for the fact that my friends are giant alien robots! Yep, hailing from the planet Cybertron, the Autobots came to Earth, many years ago. When I first ran into them, of course I ran away screaming! Who wouldn't? But after being around them for a while, I've grown to love each of them like best friends. They're almost family to me in a weird way. The Decepticons on the other hand have been trying to hunt me down and kill me ever since they came to Earth from Cybertron. The Decepticons want to rule the universe and use up every source of Energon, their life force. The Decepticons despise the Autobots, and they will do anything necessary to destroy them. So now, I fight along side the Autobots to save my planet, and possibly the universe, from the evil of the Decepticons. With the Autobots by my side to protect me and guide me, I know that I can do anything. <br />
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