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  • Artist Info: My name is Amanda..im 19 turning 20 this september. im a JUGGALETTE as well as a rocker/punk.I LOVE the paranormal and im drawn to the more darker things in life always have been.halloween is my fav holdiay.<br />
    FAYGO SHOWERS ARE AMAZING ! especially to cool you down after being in the hot crowd for hours at the shows.<br />
    my fav color=blue .<br />
    i LOVE the rain.&& I LOVE tattoos and piercings.my passion is acting and my fav place to be is either with friends , or an awesome concert or the beach. i LIVE for rocking out and i like 2 party as well.<br />
    i love dying my hair crazy colors ,&im addicted 2 strawberry Kiwi faygo ,or anything strawberry kiwi and moutian dew. but you know a juggalette's gotta have her faygo. still havent found my self a TRUE juggalo for me but i havent given up looking and my juggalo/lette homies are the best i cud ever ask for. MCL &lt;3
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