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  • Artist Info: Ok so heres how a got the name Eva Light-Dark Angel her mother is a Light spirit and her father is a Dark spirit and Eva is a harmless school girl not knowing her powers and the and shes friends with a Swordsmen named Basin and he protects her from the Dark spirit Tengu and this is all my wild imagination smile As you can see i love POKe'MON and KH <br />
    fellow gaians stare i wish ppl can understand the world of anime but one thing majority of the world like anime...... If Japan didn't have anime i really wouldn't give a care about Japan stare my favorite animes are POKe'MON as you know Inuyasha,Bleach,Death Note,Code GS,Tinchi (old show), Sailor Moon (old show),and Mew Mew City XD i think it's kinda cute. Yes and about KH3 they have new characters like The Incredibles WTF yes The Incredibles and that old guy ppl say hes Ansem when age caught up to him others say it's a new evil character either way it goes it's still misteryous don't ya think. Other new games POKe'MON Platnium (can't wait to get) they have a new Arceus,Regigigas, Shaymin and Giratina they say it comes out early 2009 really hope so i'm putting all my lvl 100 on there from POKe'MON Diamond thats all ya need to know about me heart <br />
    MARLUXIA YES heart <br />
    He is the prettist man i've ever seen. I wonder why there are so many KH fans like my self xd : probaly beacuse of the Disney stuff in it. Who ever made KH is brillant Disney stuff i wonder<br />
    whats new on KH3/Birth By Sleep will be about i wonder when it's comming out D=. Hmmmmm...... that old man is Xehnort i think.... he looks diffrent o_O' VERY the whole face expression on that old man's face was like this twisted O_O'<br />
    with the yello eyes and that croocket stand he has. All very creepy too meh.... anyway back to Marluxia i've never seen a man with pink hair before. o.o thats why am amazed by him ^_^<br />
    there is one man with pink hair forgot his name though O_o<br />
    i love talking about my thoughts to ppl WHO read and not intrest stare <br />
    One think Ansem kinda scares me with those eyes i mean just look at him without blinking thats image will be burned in your memory O_O epecailly when he does the bucked eye thing with Riku yea..... creepy. Hes one psychotic heartless/nobody.<br />
    <br />
    P.S. MARLUXIA IS NOT GAY!!!!!!<br />
    Thank You For Reading smile
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