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  • Artist Info: Hiya..! Im Jasmine Sosa. I am white, french, dutch, german and some other things.....i can't rememberrr... :/ Grrrr, i am 15years old. ((: i look older thoo. xD Anywaysss........i love metal, death metal, hardcore death metal, alternative rock, classic rock, n all that good guitar n drums stuff. (: i hate techno.... >.< My favoritee instrament is drums. I love to hit thing's i guess that's whyy. Oh!. Ima sort of violent, random, weird, funn, cutee, n crazy person... ((: Mhmmm, my favorite color is blue n black i loveeeee wolves<3:] My favorite soda is Dr.Pepper. My favorite band is The Strokes!! <----they are mellow to mee. <br />
    I hate my pro so if your reading this.....i know what you are thinking. *this girls pro is so lamee, it doesnt match her awzomee personality* i know....huhh. :]
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