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  • Artist Info: {---Basics---}<br />
    <br />
    Name: Trish<br />
    Nickname(s): Paprika<br />
    Age: 25<br />
    Birthday: Nov. 29 1985<br />
    Birthplace: Durem Germany<br />
    Current Location: Right here<br />
    Eye Color: Changes colors between greens and blues<br />
    Hair Color: Dirty-Blonde<br />
    Height: 5' 1/2"<br />
    Weight: wouldn't you like to know.<br />
    Lefty or Righty: righty<br />
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius <br />
    What Do You Drive: drive? yeah right...<br />
    Screen name: alana aie<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    {---Favorites---}<br />
    <br />
    Color: Light blue<br />
    Number: 22<br />
    Band: Darude<br />
    Music Genre: Techno?<br />
    TV Show: all star trek! (except the origonal series&gt;.&lt wink Whose line is it anyway?<br />
    Movie: Wizard of Oz<br />
    Actor: Robin Williams<br />
    Actress: Ellen degeneres<br />
    Kind of Movie: comedy/action<br />
    Cartoon: Ed Edd Eddy XD<br />
    Sport: sport? Does marching band count? If not then swimming!<br />
    Fast Food Restaurant: Taco Time<br />
    Food: PIZZA!<br />
    Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia by ben and jerrys<br />
    Cereal: Special K Vanilla and almonds <br />
    Candy: Dark cocolate!<br />
    Drink: Chai Tea frappachino from Specialty's cafe (only in seattle ^_^)<br />
    Alcoholic Beverage: Not an alcohol drinker<br />
    Quote: Conform to the rebellion<br />
    <br />
    {---Do You---}<br />
    <br />
    Have any siblings: One sister younger by 5 years<br />
    Have any pets: Two,cats! <br />
    Have a job: Yes (at walgreens!)<br />
    Have a cellphone: Yes, a Black Berry Bold.<br />
    Have any special talents or skills: Playing the clarinet, and imitating most cute voices<br />
    Have any fears: Falling from hights and being alone in the dark<br />
    Have a bedtime: Bed time? whats that?<br />
    Sing in the shower: Tee hee "i'm singing in the rain just singing in the rain...Whats that? you have to use the bathroom?"<br />
    Want to go to college: YES crying <br />
    Get along with your parents: sometimes<br />
    Have any piercings: Not any more I'm allergic to nickel...<br />
    Have any tattoos: Nope<br />
    Swear: I never fucking swear damnit!<br />
    Smoke: Hell no!<br />
    Drink: Not really<br />
    Do Drugs: Only if love is considered a drug, other wise no.<br />
    <br />
    {---Love & All That Crap---}<br />
    <br />
    Ever been in love: I am. &lt;3 It's wonderful<br />
    Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes i cheated on my ex with a friend from school.<br />
    Are you single: No<br />
    Are you in a relationship: Yep<br />
    Do you have a crush on someone: Nah<br />
    Ever been dumped: yes once &gt;.&lt;<br />
    Ever dumped someone: Yes, many times &gt;.&lt;<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    {---This or That---}<br />
    <br />
    Fruit or Vegetable: veggies<br />
    Black or White: White<br />
    Lights On or Lights Off: Lights On<br />
    TV or Movie: movie<br />
    Car or Truck: truck<br />
    Cash or Check: Cash<br />
    Rock or Rap: Rock<br />
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla!!1!1!<br />
    French Toast or French Fries: French toast<br />
    Strawberries or Blueberries: Blueberries.<br />
    Cookies or Muffins: Cookies<br />
    Winter Break or Spring Break: Winter break, I don't get spring break anymore crying <br />
    Hugs or Kisses: Both<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    {---Have You Ever---}<br />
    <br />
    Danced in a public place: Every once in a while i do a little jig at work if they place a good song ^.^<br />
    Smiled for no reason: I'm always smiling. It's like a disease.... XD<br />
    Laughed so hard you cried: Yes (and pee'ed my pants &gt;.&lt wink <br />
    Talked to someone you don't know: Everyday.i work with the public<br />
    Drank alcohol: Very rarely, now its only when my friend makes eggnog<br />
    Done drugs: no<br />
    Partied 'til the sun came up: Nope, too sleepy<br />
    Gotten a ticket: nope (dont drive)<br />
    Been arrested: NO<br />
    Been convicted of a crime: nope<br />
    Been in a wreck: One, my best friend and her baby where in the car behind me and they got hit by a car behind them and shoved them into my truck crying <br />
    Been out of the country: cananda?<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    {---Random & Silly Junk---}<br />
    <br />
    Are you a virgin: HAHAHAHA! No.<br />
    Ever TP'd someone's house: Yard?<br />
    Ever egged someone's house: no<br />
    How many languages do you speak surprised ne<br />
    Who do you compare yourself to: No one<br />
    Ever regret anything: not really<br />
    Do you like being tickled: Care to find out? *hides knife behind back*<br />
    What are your goals: Become master chef!<br />
    Are your fingers tired: lol no...<br />
    Are you tired of this survey: no i'm addicted to these damned things &gt;.&lt;<br />
    Are you happy: Only 01123581321% of the time of the time lol
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