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  • Artist Info: Okay, I will tell you a little bit about me ^^<br />
    I love anime. My best friend is i_Furude__Rika_i. SHES DA BOM!!! I love the colors black, red, lime green, lavender, purple, white, all the colors of the rainbow. I HATE the color PINK!!! I cant stand that color. I love baby stuff I mean look at my user name (BABY). I will accept almost any request as long as you have a reason to be my friend. And I &lt;3 funky faces my personal fav is one I made &lt;.&gt;<br />
    Um...If you wanna know more just PM me. My Other account I get on is sana_kurta12 ((I know I spelt her last name wrong don't judge me)) Well anyway see you guys later please enjoy my profile and all thats okay~ Thanks bye~~ And remember Feel free to add me but please have a reason. Nothing Like cool avi and profile I mean like what you wanna know and what we have in common ^^ Bye~~~<br />
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    I just made this do you like it?
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