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  • Artist Info: Ok Everytime I get on i will be on chat (duh) and willing to chat! M'kay? so....lets chat it up peoples! XD<br />
    <br />
    Heya ppls<br />
    ok me<br />
    ok, im emo. Whoop-dee-doo.<br />
    im a blond and im 14<br />
    and not looking cuz i dont do online dating!<br />
    ok<br />
    i like alot of songs, to much to name just ask me<br />
    annnnd....<br />
    <br />
    My hole life in a Paragraph:<br />
    Ever since i remember i never really had friends. and i was 5 then. i had some friends in which i tried to keep, but ending up finding out that they either just hung out with me just because they got dumped by their own friends, or they secretly talked about me behind my back. So i never really had true friends. School was tough, people made fun of me endlessly, and one kid budged me and elbowed me right in the stomach, and never got punished for it. I even got beat up by a few kids, and i can never really forgive them either. Nobody liked me, and actually avoided me. by 10 i thought i actually had a true friend, but realized that she was just using me to get her friends jealous, and heck ya it hurt. i never really cried until i was 11 when i just cried everynite. it hurt so much and yet i didnt speak to anybody. Those events in my previous 7 yrs of life made what i am today, a paranoid emo freak, thats what i am. Hate me or love me, i dont really care anymore.<br />
    <br />
    I live in a world where no one understands me.
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