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    hello everyone (: im jasmine or also known as jazzy, jas, jassmi exc.<br />
    i do art to earn gold on gaia and selling my art (: message me if you are <br />
    interested (;<br />
    i refuse to speak to perverted or immature people on gaia.<br />
    i love all my best friends on gaia which include,penny, jasmine, ray, victoria, zeke, josh, sky and so much more (:<br />
    i love free art cus im to lazy to draw my own avi art xD<br />
    im obsessed with the color orange O.O<br />
    im kinda a nerd and love to read, dont judge me >.><br />
    please pm me, comment, or visit my store (:<br />
    My hobbies? haha i draw, play club vollyball and maple socccer, modeling and hang out with my friends i guess (: <br />
    things i cant stand? open doors (i have my reasons), people drinking outa my ice tea >3>, people who naggggg, regular pencils, gnomes and clowns O.o im an odd child XD<br />
    i hope i do well in school and in my modeling career (: wish meh luck~! <br />
    cant believe everyone who wasted there time on reading this all btw
    <br />
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