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  • Artist Info: I don't have much to say.<br />
    Usually I'm alone. And I love it. <br />
    I have so many thing to do. <br />
    I love:<br />
    - drawing<br />
    - reading<br />
    - knitting (I'm practicing it)<br />
    - playing the bass guitar<br />
    - cooking<br />
    And I have to realize now, that I'm not alone.<br />
    I have a cat. He's name is Richard. <br />
    I love playing with him, and he likes playing alone. <br />
    So we can have fun even if we're not even together. <br />
    He can entertain himself very nicely. <br />
    <br />
    So, that all now.<br />
    I'll be back later.
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