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  • Artist Info: I am known as all eternal and nocturnal. I never sleep but always hunt for the sweet taste of blood. I stalk your dreams as you lay to rest. I am the nightmre that you fear. Everyone knows me as fear. and only few as a friend. Join me into the darkness and forever live as immortal or die as a mortal and never experience the true powers of the night...<br />
    <br />
    lol <br />
    As you can see, i'm a writer. i mostly write my short stories about whatever my impossible and rediculous mind can ever come up with. <br />
    I'm mostly known as your everyday Freak. i'm in love with anime and UVERworld. deathnote is probably my favorite anime show ever =D<br />
    umm i get completely annoyed with gangsters and their shit XD i hate those preppy-ish girls and love the weird, random, anime freakish, geeky girls =] i will most likely not deny a friend request (unless the voices in my head have a problem with it... o.O) <br />
    lol well if you wanna know more, just talketh to me =]<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i am currently broken-hearted... dont ask me why. just dont... &gt;.&gt;
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