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  • Artist Info: Me:<br />
    Misa Click<br />
    (nihongo version)Watashi nitsuite: <br />
    Nenrei: 17 <br />
    Mei: Hezā (A . K. A misa) <br />
    Basho: Arizona-shū <br />
    Seinengappi: 08/ 06/ 93 <br />
    Minzoku: Shiro<br />
    Suki: Takusan no... Dake (-nushi ni anime ya āto) watashi ni tazuneru <br />
    Kirai: Monogoto no ōku wa... Chōdo (teinō) watashi ni tazuneru.<br />
    Watashi wa otaku, watashi wa bideogēmu o, watashi wa yonde kyokutan'na, egaite, utatte imasu. <br />
    Watashi wa/ asobinin goshikku/ panku,-amari ni mo odori ni shiro shite imasu. Watashi wa, ongaku no ōku ga sukidesu<br />
    ... Emi!<br />
    <br />
    (english version)About me:<br />
    Age: 17<br />
    Name: Heather(A.K.A Misa)<br />
    Location: Arizona<br />
    DOB: 08/06/93<br />
    Ethnicity: white<br />
    Loves: Lot of things... just ask me(mostly anime and art)<br />
    Hates: Lots of things...just ask me(morons)<br />
    i am a extreme nerd,i play video games,i read,draw and sing. <br />
    I'm too white to dance, and Gothic/punk/raver. <br />
    I like lots of music,so...hehe!
    <br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    AVI ART: Draw me sum.<br />
    [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][Plushie]<br />
    I be an Art whore, draw me sum...i tip well :3<br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Besties: Susie,Maxie,Kitt,Bree,Vanessa,Kasu,and SergioxD<br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Current Obsession: The Book "Need" By Carrie Jones! it's about pixies,weres,bunnies,vampires,and Maine xD<br />
    Current Status: Bored and pissed<br />
    Current relationship: Still taken,By Devin. and L-O-V-I-N-G IT!!! heart <br />
    Current Event: N/A<br />
    Current whatever: I wants more avi art, Draw me for free, or for cheap xD<br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    For Dream Avi: Nothing New(yet) ^^;;<br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Well i feel like ending this...so Ja Mata Ne? (got any other questions Ask me!)
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