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  • Artist Info: hey im kandus but u cn call me watever u like besides slut whore ect haha! i like sweet things tht make you smile when ur down. i like sitting outside when it rains. i like hugs. i like kisses. and i can like u so add me! i never decline unless i feel like ur being a jerk. i really like random comments and a gift or two would be nice (or three or four haha). anyway, i play a few sports, i like to dance and sing. i don't really have much of a religion and i don't really have a sexual preferance. i think if u love the way ur life is, thats reason enough to be loved. so comment me if u ever want to chat!<br />
    <br />
    P.S. i cn help noobs and i have donated over 10k to helpin the hacked. bu i absolutely do not like cyber or rudeness.
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