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  • Artist Info: Ohkayy, first off to tell the truth I really don't like my backround but for some stoopid reason it's not changing, (help please!!!!) anyywaays, i'm a girl, I live in California, I love snow, 24/7 txting, and very very pretty things. My favorite color is purple, I don't like reading unless it grabs my attention fully and my most obsessed show is Gossip Girl. CHUCK BASS IS HOTT!!!! I reallly do not like people who show offf or watever u may call it, I mean just because ur better at one thing than another person dsnt mean that ur all of a sudden cool. No. That's not how it works in the real world. So I should be going please pm's only(: p.s i'm not going to brag about who I think I am because that's truly not my decision, love me nd i'll looooooovvveee u back! haha and i'm no fan of BFM's.<br />
    XOXO-<br />
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