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  • Artist Info: read the icon...'-'..no stuff to know! ha ha xD<br />
    Oh yeah i have short memory loss,insomnia and can get pretty random/psycho in a good way ! <br />
    5/5 profile everyone agrees my pro is a very good one! Not a joke!<br />
    Okay My name is Miror Moonwalked.<br />
    My previous names were : Shaman number 13 Silva,Miror vs mirror.<br />
    I have been on gaia since like 2006 or so but with my long lost account Imp.Psy.13 Haysen or something like that...'-'<br />
    My favorite Emotes are: :3,: D,;D,D:,D;,'-',i'-'i, and xD(xd) but i also like this one ;-;.<br />
    I am NOT Russian neither American,though i like their cultures and stuff!<br />
    i am From/in/on Puerto Rico,P.R. a Caribbean island.<br />
    I am a Boy.<br />
    I am/like random and psycho stuff.<br />
    I like south park,happy tree friends,king of the hill and cartoons like those or meeting those criteria.<br />
    My profile is the "best" according to its visitors.<br />
    i didn't make my theme,a very polite dude did,but his name is in my lost memory.<br />
    i absolutely love avi art!(free,or with fees).<br />
    I like girls,and hug em'.<br />
    i like sushi and foreign food.<br />
    i like Coldplay,The Prodigy,Matchbox Twenty A.K.A. Rob Thomas and S.O.A.D.<br />
    Yes my name is because of the Michael Jackson move "Moonwalk".<br />
    I can moonwalk.<br />
    Sho minamimoto is my favorite anime character.<br />
    I can be found in the Chatterbox,Music,Assistance,Art Freebies forums.<br />
    I am a fellow CB'er.<br />
    My Nickname is :" Awesome Rocking Gnarly Psycho Weird Magical Moon Walking Russian Caribbean Ghost Zombie Robot Tv Squid-Like Shark-Like Gulper Eel Of The CB."<br />
    I know some other languages besides English so pardon my basic badly spoken English.<br />
    Example: i know Spanish.<br />
    I certainly can promise you that you will have a blast with me.<br />
    I don't accept random friend requests.<br />
    I am almost everyday in gaia.<br />
    '-' i am weird.<br />
    i like that dramatic look gopher and numa numa guy xD.<br />
    My favorite creators(or whatever) are L0cke and Fleep.<br />
    A hippie and a skater,who would have known.<br />
    Yes i like skating and diving.(though i don't tend to skate.)
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