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  • Artist Info: There's a Jewish actor called Shia le beouf who acts for films. In cause you don't know, he is a award winning Actor and motivational speaker and does fine line in unashamed nonchalance, dealing in deft touches and delicate lay-offs, unlocking the motivation with what the Germans refer to as the 'Fingerspitzenzengefuhl'. Translated it means the 'sandpapered-figertip sesitivity of a safecracker'.<br />
    <br />
    Thing is, Shia and his fingersptzenfefuhl are not appreciated over here. If anything, he's deemed a dissapointment among armchair pundits, his laconic style appearing to lose itself in a game that often resembles a cartoon brawl, a Beano-esque cloud of dust with assorted fists, feet and expletives jutting out from its various angles.<br />
    <br />
    Because Lager, like Shia, is misunderstood: it's elegance as a beer style undervalued and rarely lauded in a nation where, historically, the beery battle lines between ale and lager are contemporary craft brewing culture champions thickly-hopped ales that bludgeon your tastebuds with a flavour rather than beers that deftly dovetail refinement and refreshment.
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