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  • Artist Info: hello my name is sheby, you may have known me from along time ago if your friends with me still on this,i took a long break from this site but im back and to let you all know im a little calmer and laid back than how i used to be. i have changed alot tho so here is a list to sum up me (a little bit of me not all of it) <br />
    *i love art, im planing on going to college for graphic design and fashion<br />
    *i tend to see the cup 1/2 full<br />
    *i seem to wear dark clothes alot i just want you to know that No i am not Gothic im me i do not wear dark clothes all the time <br />
    *im very open minded<br />
    *the way i treat u is up to you <br />
    things i like in a person<br />
    *caring <br />
    *silly/funny<br />
    *honest<br />
    *hard working<br />
    *understanding<br />
    *open minded<br />
    *treat others the way u want to be treated!!!!<br />
    things or people i dont not like!!<br />
    *rednecks(usaly) <br />
    *gansters<br />
    *emos<br />
    *preps(usaly) <br />
    *wannabe vampires/wear-wolfs <br />
    *random ppl trying to be my lover/ or trying to cyber wif meh <br />
    thats just about it <br />
    and remember the way i treat you is up to you if ur on the list of ppl i do not like that dont mean imma be mean to you first thing its just when u start pissing me off <br />
    <br />
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