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  • Artist Info: -------------------------------Hey Guys, Its Lissy----------------------------------<br />
    Heyo, Its Lissy Here. Your obviously looking here because you know absolutely NOTHING about me . Well anyways, Im your average teenage girl. Hair obsession,boys,stuffy aminals, boys and MORE BOYS! Tell me im fake and i wont care, Tell me im a poser and ill wave my finger in the air. Im a lover not a hater, Infact haters make my fat ugly ass famous . Im 100% straight, were talking straighter then the straightest ruler. I must say i straighten my hair way to much and maybe add to much hairspray at times. I love going to the mall and hanging with friends. I smoke both weed and cigs, deal with it. I Hate drama so dont start it. I am 14 years young and wish i was older -.-". Uhm, i guess if you guys want to know more just talk to me xD.<br />
    Love and Rockets,<br />
    Lissy<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I LOVE YEW ALL!!!!
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