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  • Artist Info: Hello I'm the ultimatedork.<br />
    I've been on this site awhile.<br />
    A friend told me about it.<br />
    I LOVE it so far!<br />
    I also LOVE art,<br />
    especially sock dolls.<br />
    There so much fun to make.<br />
    You all should try it some time.<br />
    I also like to paint.<br />
    Acrilics are my favorite.<br />
    I've started to use oils,<br />
    but they take up to two weeks to dry...<br />
    Which can get really anyoing.<br />
    I really like music too!<br />
    Antic Cafeアンティック-珈琲店- is my favorite.<br />
    Their too cool!<br />
    My favorite colour is red...<br />
    its the colour of blood.<br />
    I'm a vegetarian,<br />
    meat is really nasty.<br />
    Do you like meat?<br />
    I live in America,<br />
    but I really don't like it.<br />
    When I'm done with school I want to move to France.<br />
    Or the UK.<br />
    Europe is too cool!<br />
    They have great chocolate,<br />
    and their flag is so much cooler.<br />
    I really like video games too...<br />
    Ico,Shadow of the Collosus,Me and My Katamari are cool.<br />
    I only like Japanese video games(can you tell?)<br />
    I want to visit Japan some day.<br />
    It would be really cool!<br />
    I'd spend all of my money on suveniers.<br />
    I also like anime...<br />
    especially Death Note.<br />
    Its my favorite.<br />
    I read manga too!<br />
    Tsubasa,xxxHolic,Q-ko-chan,and way to many more...<br />
    My favorite author is CLAMP<br />
    They've got skills.<br />
    I hate spelling!<br />
    Can you tell?<br />
    My grammer is horrible XD<br />
    I apologize...<br />
    I think Takuya is hot.<br />
    Do you?<br />
    I like his hair <3<br />
    Kanon isn't so bad either.<br />
    Who do you think is hot?<br />
    Never mind I don't care...<br />
    Am I useing up all of you time?<br />
    Cause this is really fun!<br />
    I should type like this more often.(I will)<br />
    I also like photography.<br />
    I got a new camera for my birthday.<br />
    My birthday is April 7th.<br />
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^__^<br />
    I like birhtdays...<br />
    Especially making presents for my friends.<br />
    They really like my presents.<br />
    There made by hand and filled with love <3<br />
    Do you like love?<br />
    I do...<br />
    I've never fallen in love before.<br />
    I hope I do soon.<br />
    I don't want to be a crazy,single cat lady!<br />
    O_o<br />
    I'm thinking about stopping.<br />
    My hands hurt DX<br />
    And I need to eat breakfast.<br />
    I can smell sosoges...<br />
    My mom cooked sosoges >_<<br />
    Did I menstion I HATE meat?!<br />
    She just told me to get off the computer,<br />
    I've been on a while.<br />
    Mostly here on gaia.<br />
    Did I menstion I like this site?<br />
    Bacause it's really cool.<br />
    I'm gonna be on here everyday.<br />
    Not really... <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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