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  • Artist Info: Hey, There are a few things that you may like to know<br />
    I love metal music<br />
    I am happy with who i am with<br />
    I care for all my friends equally<br />
    I like anime, but i havent seen any good new animes lately<br />
    I have an msn, if you wanna know it, just ask me<br />
    I dont like people that hold grudges unless they have a good reason<br />
    And most of all I HATE it when people diss my friends, me, or my likes/belifes. You have yours and I have mine. so just leave it alone.<br />
    <br />
    This is all you need to know about me, and If you wanna know, just ask, and I may let you know but i doubt it ; P
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