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    <br />
    Hello there, people of the mortal world.<br />
    I am Count Draculady of the Nightwalker clan. Do not mistake me for anything but a vampire, because although to you i look human, that is what I am and what i have been for the past 215 years.<br />
    I am now 229 years old, which is considered young in the world of the immortals. I was born in London, 1780. The world was a whole lot fresher then, before the human race polluted it as it has now. 1794 was the year i was changed, i remember it completely. I was due to be married to a young rich man who went by the name Marcus Green. My parents had arranged the marriage and i was afraid to be a wife at only fourteen years of age. On the day of my wedding i told my bridesmaids to wait for me in the carriage. As they did so, I ran into the alleyways of London. I did not know where i was going but it was soon nightfall, and that was when i met her. Her name was Carmen. She came to me as if from out of nowhere and asked me what i was doing, i told her i was escaping from life. That was when she offered me her escape from life. She told me what she was and gave me a choice. Be left to die in the streets, to be found by my would-be-husband or to live an eternal life, as young as i was then. I took the second option, obviously, or i would not be sharing the experience with you.<br />
    After a few years of living with Carmen, she gave me my own name which i still, to this day, use.<br />
    I met the leader of our clan only two years ago, and was surprised at how open she was with the invitation to join them. We aim to find as many fellow vampires as possible, it would be helpful if they are not new born converts, in order to re-establish the old world and let vampires rule once more!<br />
    If you would like to join, you will have to prove yourself to our leader, her name is Layrion. You should contact her if you wish to join our cause.<br />
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