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  • Artist Info: yo peeps what up, home slices razz Anyway lol let's get down to business why do we? Yo I'm Rose, I'm from Canada (The Great White North) Never heard of it, well look on a map. Ha ha. Anyway I'm 14 at the moment I will be turning 15 in June. Wow Scary thought eh? I'm turning 15 YEARS OLD holy crap I feel old. =P teehee, I'm in a very happy relationship with my dear sweet muffin butt, Alex Schaumann. Also know has 6th_god_of_chaos. Now Listen up chickys if any of yous dare to take him away from me, I will beat you down sooo hard that you won't even remember who you are. &gt; biggrin . Anyway I'm sorta a happy person, I have a lot of joys in life. I'm just to lazy to mention them on Gaia, cause I really think that people won't so much care what makes me happy. Other than my bf. Here I'll mention one. What makes me happy in life is JELLO. Yeah don't question me. I like jello. Bite me. razz I tend to be a little verbally violent. If you haven't really notice biggrin . So most of my hobbies is Writing songs/ poems that I turn into songs. My friends at school are currently my people to go too, they are making the music for one of my poems. Called "something More"<br />
    Ok now it's considerably later, I shall finish this. Alrighty then where too start? mmmmm Oh I know, I'm probably the strangest person you will ever meet. I'm serious, like if we ever a argument about something completely stupid I can keep going for hours on end. Until you finally give up and say that I was right all long =D *sighs* the joys of me. Ok I have got nothing else to say I think? Oh wait no, if any of you would like to know if I play sports yes I do. I play rugby and cycling whenever I can, especially when there no SNOW ON THE GROUND I find it works best biking when there's no snow on the ground but that's just my point of view of things. Oh and I do spend most of my time on the comp. talking to friends across the world, or just from school. So if your ever talking to me on my cam and you notice that I haven't really been looking down it's because I know where most of the keys are. But every once in a while I will looking down . In case I need to spell and really long word, which won't happen lot. Oh and I have two pet peeve's, the first one is I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO USE MSN SPELLING it drives me insane, and besides, if you use it all the time. Can you Imagen what would happen if you were writing something on a test and you didn't know how to properly spell it, because you only use msn spelling, and you used that to try and get away with it on a test, hey guys guess what it won't happen, it really sucks when your doing something that involves a lot of spelling, yo people this is why we learn out to spell in school!!!! and my other pet peeve is I don't like jerks who think that their all that. ick I just hate people like that. Yuck, honestly I just want to shoot them on sooo many levels. And if any of you people think I have fears, well yeah of course I have fears. duh who doesn't. I mean seriously, you don't have ANY fears than dudes/dudettes, than your pretty fearless, and be happy. Cause I have a few fears. Now where to start? I know I hate heights I had a bad experience with them. (ask me and I'll tell you, maybe) I don't like being lifted like being picked up physically by someone. (ask me and I'll tell you, maybe). and that is pretty much of my fears. Ok I'm think your all good about knowing about me. biggrin <br />
    <br />
    So i will say good bye to all of my peeps Yo<br />
    If needed then y'all are welcome to add me.<br />
    Just tell me when I know you from and everything will be all good.<br />
    Msn : smiley1_face@hotmail.com<br />
    Yahoo : friendlysmile29@yahoo.ca<br />
    <br />
    P.S my nickname is actually Neko. But some of my friends call me Bubbles or smiley. Enjoy your day people. See you later.
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