• Its Snowing again

    The tiny glass eyes of the flakes.
    Reminds me of all the happiness I've faked.

    Yet again It snows and then I know.
    All these years, all these fears,
    My fear to feel, yet now i am starting to heal.

    The glowing warmth Of Orano's tears
    Tell's me what's true, my darling, I Love you.

    its Snowing Again,
    When The snow dances with your Jade eyes,
    My hearts drifts away, to a magical day, where all time and space,
    Falls asunder, to the majesty, of your face.

    Its snowing Again...
    Each diving crystal is a mirror to my heart.
    Its snowing again, oh yes its snowing once more
    Each chanting angel falls gently, here in the realm of twilight delight.

    Its Snowing Again, Though the sky may be cold, my heart Is warm and gold.
    Its burning and surging with intense yet gentle devotion,the testament of my everlasting emotion