• Through the empty hallways,
    that once held such merry spirits,
    Drinking wine while laughing along,
    to jokes that were long forgotten.
    Into a room with a blacken pit,
    that once held life to a beautiful fire.
    Children drinking warm flavors,
    that burnt there tongue while they smiled,
    with rosy cheeks from the warmth,
    that their mothers gave to them.
    Happiness still lingers,
    in the most impossible ways.
    Tucked in between the floor boards,
    and between the cracks in the walls.
    Pine needles litter the floor,
    where a tree may have once been,
    shinging lights in all direction,
    glittering with presents underneath.
    Such joyous times,
    such loving times,
    echo through out this house.
    Spreading a faint smile on my lips,
    my eyes misted with tears,
    i take one last look and pack my things,
    my only things my memorys.