• In walked Santa.
    He had a subtle frown on his face.
    The stress and responsiblity
    of that long long list he had to maintain
    must have kept him awake these past
    few tedious months.
    I offered my hand and patted him on the back.
    Then I started to sing to him:

    "If the days be bleary
    and plight makes you weary
    then go out dancing, to-night!
    You'll find that lady
    that you've been need-ing
    that warm, sweet, Missus, the Right!
    For the thumpity, thump thump thump.
    Of the clumpity, clump clump clump.
    Of the hooves of the reindeer rump rump rump
    on the shingles in the fresh clear air,
    that magical air of Christas night!
    You'll suddenly, re-call
    that greatest reason, for it all!
    The moment that it came together
    is the moment we're together
    celebrating together
    till the end.
    And it all will work out, in the end!"

    Santa, at these words, felt an inside warmth grow,
    and he was forced to smile and to ho-ho-ho,
    for he knew deep inside that it all was worthwhile,
    and that old second wind kicked in,
    and he was back in style.