• Christmas is coming i know you should be happy
    But to tell you the truth someone is really really bumpy
    You see that someone has lost something this day
    And you should be glad that's it isn't you in a way

    I was given a task quite some time ago
    I thought i could do it, but i failed also
    Even if i try it ,it will end up as a mess
    Cause i know,i am nothing but a trash

    It is Christmas again i feel so delight
    Especially with you, next to my side
    Warm fireplace, roasted marsh mellow
    Together with happiness without sorrow

    I thought i could keep you, yet not forever
    Because you will left me with a fear
    I think how lucky I was to have found you
    I did not know the true meaning of love

    If I should ever do you wrong, don't be afraid
    To tell me, for I will fix it, not tomorrow but today
    Yet Christmas is coming i could not wait
    That is, until you walked into my life....!