• What's so great about Christmas.

    Is it the crackling fire,
    Or ice cold egg nog,
    Well how about the gingerbread cookie's backing in the oven.
    I know it has to be the presents stacked high under the Christmas tree.


    I know its the caroling outside my window.
    Or it could be the bright lights surrounding my neighbor's house.
    Ooo I know its the Christmas tree itself.


    It's being with my family.
    It's going to church to celebrate Jesus's wonderful birthday
    It's seeing the smile on my sister's face as she opens here presents.
    It's my mom when she opened the small box and seeing the tears welling up in her eyes.
    It's the thought of seeing a fat man in a red suit sliding down my chimney.
    It's having the Christmas spirt welling up inside each and everyone of us.

    That is what make's Christmas so great, that we have to celebrate Christmas each year.
    I don't know about you but I celebrate Christmas everyday.