• Tonight I pray for just one thing
    but, am praying for my everything

    I pray for God, to bless every step he makes
    to lighten every path he walk, he takes
    make his nights brightest than his days,
    kill the danger with every day that breaks

    to curse every envy crawling toward him,
    Cuz Lord he's My religion ,so bless him
    he is the world, I have matched & built
    he is the forgiveness I find, when I feel guilt

    in the name of your greatness , and power
    the impossible you're able to make possible,
    in the name of this world, in which he is the sky
    and the stars sparkling in his & only his eyes

    in the name of every spot you've carved in one word,
    bless my Lover, cuz he's my everything in this world
    let the sun shine from , to his sacred soul
    give him back every smile destiny stole

    for every pain, and hurt he had to endure,
    give him the crown of how patient, how pure
    if he have done a mistake,forgiveness is never late
    for when you forgive him, you have forgiven my fate

    cuz lord he is my destiny, and my sacred book
    he is the path that for, am willing to look,
    he is the reason that for I still hold faith,&
    so I pray for the one after you, shining grace

    For whom this was written for :
    I pray for God,,saying all this because;
    " you are my religion , my sacred book,
    you are the world that I live in, and around
    you've been , still you are the dream I live for
    ,,you are the reason I hold faith because,
    if God is not there, then there will be You "