• it comes from the heavens just for this one day
    while the children laugh, sing, and play
    it brings warmth inside us all
    we gather,hold hands, and watch it fall
    what wonders a single flake has
    what magic it sends to remember the past
    my heart flutters at the sight
    our dreams joyce during that one night
    it comes as a warning a beauty it is
    it comes as a warning saying Christmas is his
    he blessed us with this gift of white
    he blesses us all, night through night
    we bring gifts and wish for things right
    a day where smiles are common to spot
    a day where presents are given and got
    the lights around are green and red
    winter is here and fall is dead
    who is this man with red and white?
    old santa clause who came down the chimney alright
    the old the new the poor the rich
    all gather and sing in the right pitch
    what is this atop our head?
    a mistletoe the young couple said
    with a kiss of there lips the celebration begins
    and all hope it never ends
    and to whom do we owe this special night?
    jesus himself his love and light
    it all starts with a single flake
    and then a blanket is not far from make
    a blanket so white the clouds become jealous
    a blanket so pure it bewilders a trellis
    gods blanket is made and is welcomed by all
    gods blanket is born by a single flakes fall heart