• The whisper of Christmas is who I am,I laugh and sing and dance the day away.I laugh as you laugh and tell many secrets.The holiday cheer is here,when you wake up the birds will be chirping,you'll jump out of bedand run to your parents.On the bed you get on jump or two WAKE UP WAKE UP IT"S CHRISMAS you'll screams.hey groan and get up,and start to feel the holiday cheer.

    You run down stairs and trip a few times,your bubbling inside and jumping about.The smell of Coffee,and the sound of the birds.The earth seems to be saying Merry Christmas.You run to the tree,and find many presents.You want to open them,but a voice says not yet.You give a sighed and run away to find things that are hidden.

    Your brother or sister they all dance about,waiting for the moment they want.You run outside and raise your arms up.The wind comes to greet you,and the grass and the trees wave good morning.The waters how they start to rush as they talk to each other in one big gust.The fire how it warms your home reaching out to see what's found.The earth nd it's creature start to sing,but there's only one thing that you want to hear.

    The holiday bells are coming your way,the noise it gets louded with each coming sway.You stand straighter than ever,and there on your face is a big smile that dances in one place.You run back inside and go for a walk.You see many things,some more than other.

    Though you stop when a father and daughter are standing there homeless on the streets.You want to cry,but you don't instead.You stare a few moments then run back home.You ask for some money and your parents drive you to the store.You get them some presents,and can't wait to make them happy.

    You jump out when the car stops,and run over to them.You put a bigger smile on,and reach towards them with somethings i your arms.You look them in the eyes and you say two words the best words of all that you could say on Christmas.You say Merry Christmas.They both start to cry and thank you from the heart.

    You run to your house and sit by the fire,you smile a big smile as I whisper my words.
    Each day is different for everyone,and every person is different.Because when born there is a story,and it holds many chapters and treasure in it.Each chapter is it's on book because there are more than a million words in it.The far is not so wide and the wide is not so far,you have a story now live it how you want to.Keep your head high,but don't let pride be ambition.You should always enjoy life today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.Treasure each day and your family and friends because something could happen just like that.

    It's present time let's go let's go I want to know what you got.but I think I already know.Spread the Christmas cheer,and make others smile,but remember one thing I am the WHISPER OF CHRISTMAS.It seems like I'm not there but I am.I am every where.I am up and down and all around.Don't forget this day because it is special as is each other day.But there is only one me,and it's who I'll always be name you can,but I am only a whisper that holds big secrets.I Am the whisper of Christmas